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    • What do I need to exchange Webmoney to PayPal?®
    • Rules of exchange PayPal to Webmoney

      General information

      We offer you to make an exchange between two of the most popular in the world of payment systems - PayPal and Webmoney.

      Our service has been operating for over 10 years and is known for its reliability, even during the global crisis. To ensure the reputation we have created a system meets all current safety requirements! Security of client's money - the main principle of our work.

      Working with PayPal to exchangers has some problems that have emerged, in large part, because of scams and dishonest customers.

      As a payment system with the ability to refund some not honest customers after receiving the payment open debate about "cheating" on our part. As a result - an exchange office receives lock your account and financial losses from this exchange. And Webmoney and PayPal remained in a "client".

      Scammers also regularly abducted accounts of ordinary users. Arriving at the exchanger, they exchange money kidnapped account and receive Webmoney to your wallet. In the exchanger, after the application of the user returns the money. Result - exchanger loses Webmoney and PayPal, obtained by scam.


      Accordingly, the exchange procedure in our service has some special features - Below are the basic requirements:

      • Both accounts must belong to one person - it takes a full match data;
      • PayPal account must be included in the list of "accounts in other payment systems."
        • Go to Settings Webmoney;
        • follow the photo instructions:
        Webmoney to PayPal

        Insert your e-mail in note "Account with PayPal», as shown in the picture:

        Webmoney to PayPal

        Once you've done that, go back to our website and place orders!

      • Your PayPal account must be at least 60 days, and Webmoney account older than 7 days. Both accounts must be verified.

      Restrictions, limits and rules:

      • We reserve the right to delay payment for Webmoney from 48 to 76 hours, depending on the situation;
      • exchange amount not less than 20 and not more than 300 USD / EUR per transaction and up to 1000 USD / EUR per month;
      • We may request additional information about the origin of funds to paypal account (such as screen last transactions);
      • in case of problems with your PayPal payment, we are entitled to take a lock of your Webmoney certificate through the service Arbitration Webmoney (note revoked certificate in Webmoney permanently and without the right to appeal!).

      Please note that purchases of units Webmoney via PayPal, we do not carry out exchange operations. This deal is essentially the purchase of goods (which is what the titular characters Webmoney) for PayPal, in the same way as you would a normal digital goods bought on eBay).

      As a consequence - in the case of an act of fraud, Webmoney permanently block your account and money in the accounts give us.

      But you need not be afraid - to make exchange PayPal to Webmoney - just!We always try to build a relationship of trust with customers and will be happy to advise you on this exchange in our online chat or in ICQ, the number of which can be found in contacts.