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    • Webmoney

      General information

      Webmoney is world-renowned payment system, which was created in 1998, almost simultaneously with PayPal and Google.p>

      Initially the system is focused on user segment of the Russian Federation, but provided services only in dollar equivalent. By 2000, the situation has changed and in turn entered rubles. Subsequently added and the euro, and dozens of other currencies, until Bitcoin

      At the beginning of 2015, the system counts more than 30 million users, millions of shops and services, and the system is used all over the world!

      WM Unites - internal currency

      Unlike most modern payment systems, Webmoney does not use the money in the usual sense. You do not have the dollars or the rubles in your account - you have only WM Units, the equivalent real money.

      • WMZ - the equivalent of the US dollar;
      • WMR - Russian ruble equivalent;
      • WME - the equivalent of the euro;
      • WMX - equivalent Bitcoins.

      Let's see - why equivalents, rather than real currency??

      Financial regulation in most countries allows the transfer of funds to banks, payment systems (eg. Visa and Mastercard) and other credit organizations with appropriate licenses for it. Webmoney in this sense is not a payment system, namely provide for the redistribution of property rights on the WM Units in circulation system.

      Therefore, not Webmoney transfers payments, but makes transfers cash equivalents, roughly WM Units is an electronic commodity to be bought and sold. This makes it possible not to disturb Webmoney financial legislation.

      Financial support of WM Units lies on the shoulders of so-called "Guarantors" of the system, which have in their bank accounts as much money as wrapped in Webmoney title signs. Each Guarantor, as a legal entity and has provision for those WM Units for which it acts as a guarantor.

      Internal identification

      Webmoney pays great attention to safety - both user data and transactions. If you have deceived scammers, you can always submit complaint with the arbitration system and if were provided ample evidence, you will receive a refund.

      User authentication is determined by the WM-passport - look at them below:p>

      • Alias passport
      • This type of certificate is issued to all participants immediately after login. Distinguishes it that the information about the user in no way confirmed and set out across the board.

        Since the user data does not verified, then the rather stringent restrictions as to the possibilities of the system and the limits.

      • Formal passport
      • Free certificate, passport data confirmed. With this certificate, you can top up your wallets and withdraw money from them by means of postal and bank transfers.

        In addition, you will be able to create a wallet for Cryptocurrency Bitcoin - WMX, as well as access to the exchange market WM Units

      • Initial passport
      • After providing passport data and verification system, the user receives an initial passport. It gives a great opportunity to work the system - increasing limits on transactions, automate receiving payments and much more.

        Each participant of the system is determined WMID - internal identifier, consisting of 12 digits.

      Application in everyday life

      With the help of Webmoney easily pay for cellular communications and utilities, goods in online stores, online games. In addition, the system is in demand among webmasters and actively used as professional fees or pay servers and domains.

      Webmoney &

      Webmoney has many representatives - exchangers, one of which is us. We offer services for top up purses, withdrawal from the system, as well as we offer this service as exchange Webmoney to PayPal . This type of exchange is enabled system, but done without our help it can not be - it is one of our core functions.

      We are the official exchange office since 2005 and see the details of our system can be on the link. Based on this, you can conclude that the exchanger Webmoney - official person and work with it quite safe.

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