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Exchange rate
1.000 USDT ERC20
0.935 EUR PayPal
Minimum amount 300.00 USDT ERC20
Fee 9.50 %
Reserves 10000.00 EUR PayPal
  • 1 DO NOT TRY to transfer funds to PayPal accounts registered in Russia and Ukraine. PayPal’s work in Russia has been suspended, and Ukrainian accounts can only receive donations, we CANNOT send donations due to PayPal restrictions on our part. Funds for such applications will be returned minus the commission!
  • 2

    Exchange USDT to PayPal

    will allow you to transfer

    USDT ERC-20


    USDT TRC-20 to any account in the system


    If you do not have a Paypal account, but you need to make a

    payment for services or goods

    via PayPal, we can help you with this! Read the rules for exchanging and paying for goods and services via PayPal
  • 3 Carefully consider the choice of the USDT standard by which you will pay for the application. If you are paying for services or goods through PayPal please provide us with all the necessary instructions in the "Note to order" field. After filling out and paying for the application

    exchange USDT to PayPal

    , we will process it within 1 to 12 hours (in case of a heavy load, the period can be extended up to 24 hours). Even if our support is not online, you can place a request for an exchange, this will not affect the timing of its execution.

Exchange USDT Tether(TRC20, ERC20, BEP20) to PayPal