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General information

PayPal - without exaggeration, the most famous and most popular payment system in the US and Europe. The company operates in 203 countries, in 26 national currencies and has over 160 million registered users at the beginning of 2015!

Since 2002, the payment system is a subsidiary of Ebay and is the primary payment option in the most famous international electronic auction. Talk about the history of the company.


If we analyze the history of the company, it begs the motto "Cadres decide everything." Surprising coincidence, faced such diverse, but complementary specialists - it's just amazing!

It all started with 3 bright people, leaders, build 2 companies.

  • First leader - Elon Musk, now a billionaire, actively explore space technology for its own project SpaceX. Back in 1998, he was the proud owner of The company is engaged payments via e-mail. Sets it apart from the hundreds of similar projects competent marketing approach and intelligent financial system. The weak point at that time was to safety.
  • Second tandem - Max Levchin and Peter Thiel - owners Confinity, where the number of future subdivision PayPal. The company has worked in the field of cryptography and, as a consequence, the protection of data and systems has been their forte.

In 2000, Elon Musk acquired the company Confinity. From this point the development proceeds in a fast attack and in 2002 Ebay buys PayPal (which became the name of a business combination) of 1 500 000 000$.


PayPal has become a supernova explosion for the service of electronic auctions Ebay. Just 2 years, beating all competitors and luring millions of merchants, PayPal has become almost a monopoly. Its acquisition was inevitable, but at the same time, far-sighted. Own payment system helped Ebay not only for the development of the service, but also became a source of great income.

Identification and use

User authentication in the system passes through his e-mail. It is involved in the authorization and means in transfer. For example, if you want to send money to a friend, you will need to enter his E-mail.

PayPal can top up the purse with credit card tied to the account. Binding is necessary to verify the account. Verification is done by debiting the amount of $ 1.5 - You will need to provide transaction code.

Guarantees and safety

PayPal system watches over the safety and positioning itself as the best service for sales and purchases. You can always cancel the payment if received defective goods or did not get it at all. Technical Support will respond promptly to any request and within days you will get the answer.

PayPal &

We offer our clients exchange Webmoney to PayPal . Other operations with PayPal do not provide due to company policy.