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I was deceived through Skype scammers posing as an employee of your service, what to do?

Very often scammers by sending spam or searching for contact information through search engines. They are looking for people interested in exchanging people and are the first to knock on them through various instant messengers (Skype, Telegram, etc.) with a «profitable» offer for example exchange Webmoney to PayPal. To be as close as possible to the official contacts of the exchange office they can add a point at the beginning or end of the nickname to the instant messengers, or change the nickname to one or several letters. The gullible user agrees to transfer money to the fake wallet of the fraudster often asking to transfer Qiwi, Yandex.Money and other systems by phone number, where it is very easy to open an account without identification. Sending money in return, the person receives silence and, after the deception revealed, he finds contacts of this exchange office from the person who the fraudster acted in and is trying to find the truth.

So, dear customers and guests of the service. NEVER agree to make exchanges through instant messengers in 99% of them are fraudsters. All exchanges through our service are made ONLY through our website. Service employees are never the first to knock on instant messengers and do not offer to make an exchange. All official contacts of the service are located here.

If you are the victim of a fraudster, immediately contact the police.