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What do I need to exchange Webmoney to PayPal?®

Do you want to make exchange Webmoney to PayPal and our system will generate an error essence of which is a mismatch registration data in these systems? Do not worry! You can make the exchange after making some preparations.

The system Webmoney just like PayPal very critical of the security and all the data is checked in several steps that's why you're reading this article right now. But in addition to reliability indisputable advantage is convenience just a few clicks. You can link the accounts of different systems.

If your e-mail of Webmoney WMID and registration e-mail in PayPal must match

If you are registered in both systems under a single e-mail then from the beginning of the exchange on our site you are only a step:

  • go to the settings of WMID;
  • follow the next instruction bellow:

    How link PayPal account to Webmoney

  • Insert your e-mail in the field "PayPal" as shown in the image below and press "Save":

    link Webmoney with PayPal

Once you've done that go back to our website and place order.

If your e-mail in WMID and registration e-mail in PayPal are not the same

If you are registered in these systems under different e-mail then from the beginning of the exchange process separates you two steps.

Go to the PayPal account and add an additional email that you use in Webmoney WMID. After that you need to make the steps outlined in the previous step.