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Exchange rate
1.000 USD SWIFT Bank Transfer
1.000 WMZ Webmoney
Minimum amount 100.00 USD SWIFT Bank Transfer
Fee 5.00% not less 8.000 USD
Reserves 10000.00 WMZ Webmoney
  • 1

    Add Webmoney through the bank

    is only possible with your personal bank account or your company account. Before making an application for

    replenishment Webmoney Bank

    Make sure that your personal data specified in the certificate


    coincide with the data specified in our service. If the certificate you have first and last names listed in Russian and translate from the bank where the account is opened in your name in English, please indicate in a footnote to the application data as shown to the banking account.
  • 2 After registration, within a few hours we will send you the bank details for the transfer of funds to our address. IMPORTANT, indicate the payment note, which will be sent to you in detail. If the note for payment to be changed, enrollment fee can be increased up to several days, as well as to you can be withdrawn penalty of 5 to 15 USD / EUR.
  • 3 Time crediting bank transfers sent to us may take from 1 to 3 business days, excluding public holidays, holidays and not working days. Upon receipt of payment,

    completion of WMZ, WME and WMR

    takes a few minutes.
  • 4 For legal entities in the
    buy Webmoney
    at us, we provide accounting documents for the operation. favorable conditions are provided for the major customers, please contact support.

Add Webmoney through the bank