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Exchange center my-Xchange — a proven and reliable partner in the market of e-currency exchanges.

Exchange rate
1.000 EUR PayPal
1.000 WME Webmoney
The minimum amount 20.00 EUR PayPal
Fee 15.00% not less 13.000 EUR
Reserves 300.00 WME Webmoney
  • 1 We provide

    exchange PayPal to Webmoney

    but with some restrictions.
    Please pay attention at the maximum amount available for exchange. We can increase it only for permanent and trusted customers. To

    change PayPal to WM

    e-mail that is registered on the Webmoney purse must also be e-mail' which registered PayPal account. Next you need to link a Paypal account to Webmoney here.
  • 2 Once the operation on

    exchange PP to WM

    your order will be reviewed by our security department within a few hours during business hours from 9:00 to 18:00 (time of service at the top pages). If approved, we will invoice to your PayPal address, you pay it. Payment on the
    purse WM
    will be taken in 24-48 hours. This time we can not be reduced in view of safety.
  • 3 Frequently asked question: "Why you have high fee for this exchange?" We answer. Due to the high risks associated with taking PayPal. Also the fee includes commission Paypal that the system will charge us as a payee. Also system commission Webmoney 0.8% for the transfer WM to you.


Exchange PayPal to Webmoney available again!