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Exchange rate
1.000 USDT TRC20
1.000 USD Cash
Minimum amount 500.00 USDT TRC20
Fee 7.00 %
Reserves 10000.00 USD Cash
  • 1

    Withdraw USDT to cash

    US dollars or local currency (by agreement) with courier delivery, you can place an exchange request on this page in our service.
  • 2 After placing an application for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency, our manager will contact you to clarify the details. Application processing times do not exceed 1-3 hours during business hours.
  • 3 A prerequisite for the operation is the verification of the client’s passport data during a personal meeting with our courier.
  • 4 The exchange rate for stablecoins USDT/BUSD and others is fixed at the time of application and does not change upon completion of the withdrawal operation within a period not exceeding 24 hours.

Withdraw USDT in cash