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Exchange rate
1.000 WMZ Webmoney
1.000 USD West
Minimum amount 200.00 WMZ Webmoney
Fee 15.00% not less 15.000 WMZ
Reserves 0.00 USD West
  • 1 The "payee name" must be specified exactly as in Webmoney certificate. This field can be changed only in our system by contacting the wider support service.
    If your data is in Webmoney certificate given in transliteration and translation to get such a transaction

    conclusion Webmoney

    by Contact Systemyou want to name in Russian, indicate this in a footnote to the operation.
  • 2 Processing operations in the

    sale via Webmoney Gold Crown

    and other systems, on working days from 9:00 am: 18:00 (hours of service at the top of the page). This means that to place the operation on

    withdrawal of WebMoney

    You can, at any time, but sending payment Systems



    Gold Crown



    and others will be made only at specified times.
  • 3 If you can not find your country in the list, then we do not Mauger implement
    withdrawal of WMZ, WMR, WME
    in this country through the selected system. Try to choose another.

Withdraw Webmoney through money transfer system