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Exchange WebMoney to PayPal

Electronic payment systems have long been familiar. They are very popular because of its convenience and security. One of the leading electronic systems are WebMoney and PayPal. They provide users with a huge amount of features

However before many question arises: How to do exchange WebMoney to PayPal? The issue of conversion of electronic currency is very relevant. Since many individuals and companies have accounts in both payment systems.

Earlier exchange one currency for another it was difficult. We had to make many operations and waste precious time and pay substantial commissions. Now the exchange can be done in minutes. This opportunity gives you the exchanger

How to make an exchange?

To perform Webmoney exchange to PayPal you can use our online service. This type of exchange is supported by the system Webmoney. However, to implement it without the support of our users are not able to. We work for you to be able to exchange e-currency easily, quickly and comfortable.

In order to make an exchange you must:

  • have accounts in both payment systems;
  • link PayPal account to your Webmoney WMID;
  • place order for exchange WM to PayPal in our platform;
  • pay for order with Webmoney Merchant

It’s all! After payment from you we will complete your order within few hours and you will receive funds in your PayPal account.

Why my-Xchange?

Our Webmoney exchanger has been operating for more than 15 years. Our service has been appreciated by thousands of satisfied customers as webmaster, freelancers, advertisers.
Among the main benefits that you get are the following:

  • Speed
    All operations like exchange, buy or sell of electronic currencies we process quickly and accurately in a timely manner. Exchange Webmoney to PP will take from one to several hours (the maximum period of 24 hours).
  • Reliability
    We are an authorized exchange Webmoney payment system more than 15 years, our WMID has a high business level and we follow all the rules of system Webmoney Transfer for the exchangers which gives a guarantee of safety and reliability.
  • The fair fees
    We offer low commission. Also our customers are able to use different benefits to save money like discounts and bonuses from us.
  • Our principles
    We do not work with payments to and on behalf of third parties and do not allow carrying out suspicious transactions. We do not exchange e-currencies which are forbidden to exchange by Webmoney Transfer system.