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Terms and conditions for exchange Webmoney

According to the requirements of system Webmoney Transfer for exchangers prohibited conduct exchange operations, the top up or withdraw of title characters Webmoney in favor of third parties. In other words exchanged, enter or withdraw Webmoney customer may only its details. For example, making a exchange Webmoney to PayPal , should be a single owner of both accounts with completely identical information.

To verify that the data entered by the customer, the service uses an automated interface X19. If you receive a message that the entries do not match the data in the certificate, please check whether the information entered in the fields in the exchange, input or output of title characters Webmoney.

Minimum requirements for replenishment or withdrawal of Webmoney:
  • A formal certificate (loaded and verified documents in the center of certification Webmoney) or higher;
  • deadline for registration in Webmoney Transfer at least 7 days.